Русская версия.
  • Basic courses & course descriptions
  • Testing
    Group classes are designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Our focus is on developing comprehension, the ability to converse fluently in Russian, express one's opinion, and get along in any situation.

    Two to six students are assigned to group classes according to level, which is determined by a written entry test and a conversation with every student. Each class program is designed in accordance with the group level and needs. An appropriate combination of conversational practice, grammar, phonetics, and style will be addressed as needed.


    We also offer the following additional Subjects:

    - Russian Culture
    - Russian Literature
    - Language of Mass Media
    - Russian History & Modern Politics
    - Russian Folklore and Phraseology of Modern Russian Language
    - Modern Russian Legislation


    Individual instruction is the most effective way to learn Russian due to the flexibility of the course, consideration of the individual abilities of the student, and his/her full immersion into Russian language surroundings. Individual courses are customized to meet the needs of the student and run for a period of time that is convenient. The student may include any of the additional subjects above that are of interest.

    This course is designed for students of all levels, who in a short period of time would like to learn communication skills or refresh prior knowledge of the language and achieve fast results and significant progress in mastery of the language. The course runs from two weeks to one month, for six to eight hours per day. The course is based entirely on the immersion of the students in Russian conversation, a large amount of educational material (new words, expressions, grammatical structures), use of specialized teaching methods and techniques, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

    This course is for businessmen, those working with Russian partners, or those aspiring to conduct business with Russian companies, and is available to students of all levels. The goal of the course is the development and perfection of the students' Russian communication skills both in everyday and business situations. The focus is on developing proper speech habits and expanding vocabulary (including cliches) necessary for conducting negotiations and meetings, giving presentations, developing contracts and agreements, concluding deals, written correspondence, and telephone conversations.

    This course is designed for those who come to Russia for humanitarian missions to create a diverse society that unites people from different countries through a joint activity. The course is designed for students of all levels to quickly overcome the language barrier and adapt to their Russian surroundings. The type of activity the student is involved in determines what vocabulary is taught. In lessons we act out potentially problematic situations and discuss the most important topics, analyzing events and their interpretation from the point of view of SME, which helps missionaries better understand how to more effectively prepare for work in Russia.