Русская версия.
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  • You'll never be bored with us! In your free time you may sing Russian songs in a chorus, draw in an artist's studio, dance, play an instrument, go horseback riding, or play sports.

    You may not only study but travel.

    We offer the following excursions:
    A tour of Yaroslavl and its museums;
    A voyage along the Volga River to Svyato-Vvedenskij-Tolgskij Monastery and a tour of the monastery;
    A trip to the town of Rostov the Great, including a tour of Rostov's Kremlin, a concert of bell music, and a tour of the Enamel Museum;
    A trip to the city of Kostroma, including tours of theIpatyev Monastery, the cradle of the Romanov dynasty and the outdoor museum of old wooden Russian architecture; 
    A trip to the town of Tutayev and a tour of its museum of Russian provincial housekeeping, visit to Resurrection Cathedral, Russian tea; 
    Trip to "Karabikha" the museum-estate of Russian poet N.A. Nekrasov.

      We can also organize trips to Moscow, St.Petersburg, Suzdal, and Vladimir, and to any other place on Russia's near or distant shores!