Русская версия.
  • Why study russian?
  • Usefull advice
    • Don't expect  people you meet on the street to return your smile if they don’t know you.
    • Russian drivers do not always give way to pedestrians at crossroads.  Be careful when crossing the road!
    • Be aware too, that someone going in front of you will not hold the door open for you.
    • Do not leave your things unattended and don’t put your money or documents in side or back pockets of your clothes.
    • In winter do not walk under roofs of buildings without ascertaining whether there are icicles hanging down from the roof.
    • Don’t be surprised if the Russian family ask you to change into slippers.
    • Try not to go out on your own in the dark.
    • Be prepared for the eventuality, in the summer months, especially when it is really hot, for the hot water to be switched off in the house or hotel for 1-2 weeks. This is done in all towns in Russia as a preventative measure to avoid breakdowns in winter.
    • If you wish to give flowers to your Russian friends, remember that the bouquet should have only an uneven number of flowers.  Even numbers of flowers are better laid on graves.  

    Despite these “eccentricities”, Russian for the greater part are polite, well-meaning people and given to conversation.