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  • Irina Kaznyshkina's greatest gift as a teacher is her capacity to ignite and inspire passion for the Russian language. From the moment I first met her, I was struck by her empathy and genuine interest in my experiences and opinions. I was impressed with her flexibility in approach, which aloowed her to be guided by what was important to me, at the same time as bringing warmth, humanity and teaching skill to the interaction.

    I found Irina's probing, yet sensitively worded questions very satisfying to my subjective needs in the language as they gave me the incentive me to learn more, so that I was able to broaden the range of topics on which I could express myself adequately.

    Irina is gifted at making the difficult aspects of the language appear easy. She helped me considerably with the difficult pronunciation of the language, by slowing down her delivery and articulating with great clarity, which enabled me to imitate and then encode the sound easily.

    Any student of Russian who seeks an uplifting language learning experience should immediately enrol in a course with Irina Kaznyshkina.

    Robyn Richardson

    Teacher of English as a Second Language to Adult Migrants

    Sydney, Australia.

    I admire the providers of the course for their ability to teach difficult Russian grammar and a large amount of new vocabulary in such an excellent, interesting and comprehensive way. My progress surprised myself. My teachers in Yaroslavl did not only give me a key to open the gate to their mother tongue – I also profited a lot from the very interesting excursions discovering Russian culture and society. I can warmly recommend the language courses at Yaroslavl International Academy of Business and New Technologies.

    Jan-Christoph Napierski

    Head of Section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

    It would be impossible to forget the kindness of my teachers at MUBINT. From the first day onwards, they were not only my mentors but also my friends, always looking out for me and making sure I was getting the best of my time in Yaroslavl. You might even say they were my family! I learned so much about the Russian language that I will never forget, and not only that, I loved every minute of it. I cannot imagine a better course or better teachers anywhere!

    Allison Quinn (USA),

     Editor of The Moscow Times

    After finishing my studies in Yaroslavl Russia, I can be certain to say that this experience has truly changed my perspectives, and also very true to state that only after two months I have grasped a strong hold on one of the most difficult languages in the world. Although this would not have been possible without the help and teachings of Irina and Tatyana in MUBINT. Their hospitality and their assistance are endless as their smiles. They taught me more than anyone thought possible, and are, without a doubt, among the best teachers I have had and I believe will have. Some people say that learning languages is too difficult, though at MUBINT, Irina and Tatyana make the Russian Language possible for any person, anywhere. Not only are they splendid teachers, but also the most genuine of friends to all they meet. My time in MUBINT studying Russian Language has become one of the most memorable accomplishments of my life, and it is in thanks to Irina Kaznyshkina and Tatyana Melnikova. Thank you.

    Alex Marchesi (USA),



    If you are looking to learn Russian then I can wholeheartedly recommend the course at Mubint in Yaroslavl. Key to learning any language is being fully immersed in a culture. The course at Mubint provides that by arranging for you to live with a Russian family. This experience is coupled with a program that focuses on both teaching Russian from the practical, day to day conversation, point of view, and teaching the essential grammar and vocabulary that you need. If you are prepared to start using your Russian from the first day you arrive, you will never look back. I will never forget my experience and look forward to the time when I can return to Russia.

    Chris Dee, Sydney (Australia)